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Press Pause Journal

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Sometimes we don't realize the true value of a moment until it becomes a memory.
Life is a collection of moments - from the big, meaningful choices that change our lives, to the small ups and downs that often pass us by - every moment defines our story.

This journal is an invitation for you to press PAUSE. on the craziness of life. It's a space for you to take twenty minutes each week to curl up to recalibrate. A place to think, reflect, appreciate, remember, feel and celebrate your life - every wild minute of it!

Our minds can be tricky and confusing places, but something incredible happens when you pause to tune into yourself and put pen to paper. By clearing your mind, you see things in a new light, become less stressed, encourage creativity to flow, connect with your emotions, develop better memory, and show up better in every area of your life!

Filled with fun questions & thought-provoking prompts over 52 weeks, inspiring stories, free journaling pages and cute/quirky/motivating to-do notes, it's a place to reflect and remember, capture dreams and opportunities, explore ideas and desires, celebrate the highs, reflect on the lows and jot down and your thoughts, feelings and moments you experience.

Life is a gift - full of mini-miracles! So before you fast-forward on your life - take time to be present to pause, reflect, rewind and record all those incredible moments and feelings you experience. Take time to insert your story.

Dimensions: 180 x 205mm